March 30, 2011

Mother's Day cards.....

What a week it has been!  I have accomplished many things on my list but have nothing to show for it!  I feel better though, I guess that is all that matters.  Things have been rough around the Maldonado house. My boy has had a really bad week and says, "it's tough being six!"  Last I looked, it's only the beginning of Wednesday!  On the more creative side, I have completed some Mother's Day cards!!!  Yeah me!!!  It is only March, again, yeah me!!!  I was thinking that these vegetable and flower packet looking paper thingy's were perfect for mothers.  What do you think?  I also Love the buttons and butterflies!  Looking through my old stuff I found this edge distresser by Heidi Swapp.  You can tell from the previous layouts and these cards that this may be my new thing!!  I remember when I started scrapbooking, I needed every, I mean EVERY pair of decorative scissors they made.  I even used them all!!!  I dare not show you those would laugh too hard.  Not long ago, a friend of mine was visiting and we looked back at the old, beginning layouts, we had a good laugh, at my expense.  I think I was laughing the hardest:0)



  1. Mary-Ann, those cards are just beautiful!! My mom plants flowers in her little garden outside her little apartment and this would be a perfect Mother's Day card for her!! I hope I get to see you soon!! I sure miss that smiling face! ;) Hope things get better for your boy too. I have one experiencing the six-year old blues now too. Haha. Takce care!

  2. Thank you Katie!! Will l see you in Manchester? 6 yr old blues sure do stink:o( Do you have this paper line? I kinda like it!

  3. Oh yeah!! - the Sweet Pea card must be mine. Love it. You do good work, daughter.