November 9, 2020

Sleeping In - Paper Issues

 Hey there friends. 

I did two LIVE videos for Paper Issues over the weekend and I bet some of you are just plum tired of me! If you are, don't say anything.  lol.  For this layout, I used PinkFresh Studios Let's Stay Home.  I LOVED LOVED LOVED every single sheet of paper in this collection.  I was really happy with the color combo I ended up using here too.  

Of course with it being Covid time, we weren't really going places.  This photo is from a couple months ago.  My boy was sleeping in and we decided to jump in bed with him to wake him up.  It didn't work well.   I honestly can't remember if he got right up or not.  I would be that he didn't.  Anyway, I love this pic of us hanging out at home.  Ill adit, staying in PJ's is kinda fun.  

I condensed this LIVE layout down for my YouTube channel.  I'd love if you would stop by, hang out for a bit, subscribe and maybe make a comment or two or 20. 

Use code: Mary-Ann for 20% off every order from Paper Issues.  


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