May 24, 2016

Gigante - Paper Issues

It is time for the new FREE printable over at Paper Issues.  It made a light bulb go off in my head when I saw the taco card.  I had the perfect picture, but had to find it!

My boys have a favorite restaurant.  Margaritas.  Once a week, seven times a week, they don't care, they love it!  This Gigante taco was a limited time taco.  If you could eat the entire thing, they gave free tacos away for a year or something like that.  He could not even eat half.  For $10 it was worth the try though.  

I used a Swag Bag from the Paper Issues store, the Taco PI Paper POP and the 12x12 plaid paper is from Carta Bella Beach Day 4x6 journaling card paper.  

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