February 22, 2016

mambi BLOG HOP

Welcome to the new 2016-2017 Happy Planner™ BLOG HOP 
featuring posts by the me & my BIG ideas Design Team! 

I’m excited to show you the style of my new Botanical Garden Happy Planner and share how I plan to use it come July.

I love fresh, clean, crisp paper and cannot wait to get into this planner.  It is seriously driving me crazy!  
I plan to keep my cover clean.  I will be using the Elastic Bands to assist me with flipping to the month I am  currently in.  

I plan to use the Pocket Folders and Sticky Notes each month and will move them at the end of each month to the next.  

For each week, I will have a running grocery list or random to-do list that does not warrant documenting on the calendar pages.  I will also move the plastic Dashboard that will hold the super cute Sticky Notes.

Each week will hold a plastic Page Protector to capture some of my favorite photos of the week and Pocket Cards.  Maybe there will end up being two for each week.  Who knows.

I also used both of the Pen Holders.  Honestly, I could use more.  I did select my favorite pen and always need my pencil nearby.  Best thing about these, they can be removed from the cover and placed on a different one.  That way, if you can make up your mind on which cover you want, they will move!  

I am saying all of this now, lol.  Hoping that I appear organized.  But, with crafting, things always change.  I think this is a great start for jumping off on July 1st.  I hope you will all be with me!

Thanks so much for stopping by!
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  1. This looks gorgeous AND organized! Wow! Thanks for sharing a great inspirations!
    Take care!

  2. This is the one I plan on purchasing.

  3. Thanks for sharing - great ideas!

  4. I'm sold on the accessories. :) Very functional pieces!

  5. I'm SO excited for the page protectors, new cuter sticky notes and those pen loops! All so functional and fun :)

  6. Already so organized, Love the black & white stripes on this one. Beautiful!! Thank you for sharing. ~ Carol W.

  7. I couldn't wait for July so bought the extension pack and added May and June 2016 to my planner.