September 3, 2014

Weeping as I type

I am sitting here, alone, on the first day of school.  I can hear the dog snoring.  Loudly.  My heart is aching a bit as I miss both my boy and his daddy.  They have all returned to their normal routine and I feel a sense of being left behind.  Don't get me wrong.  I have plenty to do.  But with this heaviness, it is hard to accomplish anything today.  I have started dinner.  Did a load of laundry and plan to do some scrapbooking today.  I was feeling a bit of guilt, wishing that school would start,  but as it got closer and closer, I kept thinking how fast the summer has gone and wished that the time would slow down.  Speaking of time slowing down, my boy is in 4th grade.  
4th  grade people!!!  He is no longer a baby.  boo hoo.  
Here are a few photos of his first day of school.  
First picture I took gives you a sense of how this whole photo shoot thing went down.  

Driving to bus stop.  Trying to get all his accessories put on.  You know, a survival bracelet and a watch!  He say that 7 hrs is too long for a school day and you just NEVER know when you'll need a cord.

The two handsomest men ever!

6-8 more inches and he will be taller than me.  That is NOT acceptable.  

His buddy Cody.  They have a plan to walk home together this year.  Not sure I am ready for this.  I am not sure I am ready for 4th grade.  Next thing you know, he will be moving out and getting married;o(  This is too much for me to handle.  Just too much!

Off he goes.  It is the same bus driver this year, thank you Jesus.  

Now, off I go to bury my head in a pillow and wallow in pity.

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