May 1, 2013

Speech Bubbles

When I received my monthly kit from Studio Calico, I was amazed and overwhelmed by about 20 speech bubbles.  I have not yet figured out a way to store all my little pieces so I keep them packaged with all the papers in a cabinet.  These are just too cute to hide.  What could I do??  I searched Pinterest for inspiration and happened upon this layout...... by Nicole Nowosad.

She cut her bubbles with the Silhouette and I used almost all of my speech bubbles! Fourteen to be exact!  

This dates back to 2008 when my baby was just a baby. When he got attached to something, he stayed attached for quite some time.  At this stage, it was silly putty.  And, yes, it did get all over his quilt that my mom made for him.  He still gets attached to things.  He collects rocks and knows exactly where he puts them and where they are from.  Most come from the playground.  Not a fancy beach or volcanic mountain.  But to him, they are all special.  Some of them are very, very clean after a rigorous wash in my machine.  When my machine fails me, I will not be mad.  I have mistreated and abused it beyond belief.  Question is, do I take money out of Roman's college fund to get myself a new one?!!  Cause certainly, it will be his fault!

Check out this flair from A Flair For Buttons!  Did you notice the cork paper and the cork camera?  Very very cool.  I used the centers of the cameras to add a bit more cork to my page since there is never enough!

These PERFECTLY shaped Thicker letters were not quite the right color.  I don't think pink would have gone over well, so I took my trusty fingernail, inserted it under the top layer and peeled away all the color.  Love the effect!  See that rainbow stripped paper?  It's from Glitz and I just love it!  As you can tell, I loved the "Spencers" kit this month.  I got a glimpse of next month and I can not wait!


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