March 12, 2013


Never, do I ever, eat leftovers.  Well, maybe I will eat spaghetti, baked chicken changed into a different form,  but generally my rule is...... NO leftovers.  Period.  My husband does though:o)  Oh, I will eat a leftover salad but I don't think that counts.  Growing up (more so in high school)  we would see that same two piece of cauliflower until it was gone.  We did not have a dog to help with this situation.  It would have been well fed!  

Anyway, my point is, not often do I mess around with left over things.  However, I could not resist using my leftovers from my recent post on Eclectic Paperie.  We had just gone bowling and the Echo Park, All About a Boy collection had just what I needed.  I grabbed out that bowling tag and chipboard then pieced together this layout.  I have always been an inker but lately with the color choices I have made, I am liking the clean crisp look.  Most of this paper comes from Studio Calico's Front Row kit from February.  I love love love that mustache clip.  My recent obsessions are enamel dots, wood veneer (these are from Freckled Fawn) and flair.  Can't help it.  I will use those leftovers!

Ta ta!

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  1. Great page! Lovin' the details but that moustache (sp?) is just the BOMB~! LOL!!