March 10, 2012

Studio Calico

I have been getting the studio calico kit for over a year now.  (I just checked my records.)  I have not touched one.  Well, yes I have.  I opened them and touched them but have not done anything with them.  Why, idk!  Well, this last one, I decided I either needed to "cook or get out of the kitchen."  I really wanted to say something else here:o)  Anyway, I opened it, touched it and even designed with it.  Here is what the kit looked like and what I have done with it.

Oh my, I love this photo and the title.  When I showed it to Roman, he laughed so hard because of he "Big Teeth!"  He has such a good sense of humor.

Remember a while back, I shared this love letter that Roman wrote to his little friend in school???  Well, I couldn't help myself when I saw the red, white and blue stripped paper.  I could either go barber shop or mail.  I went Love Letter all the way.  I love it.  It was a challenge for me though.  At first I tried masking hearts.  When I sprayed the mist it buckled my paper.  I ironed it from the back and it worked that out.  Then I decided I would add some red splattered paint across them top right because it needed something.  Well, it looked like I cut my finger and bled all over the page.  I had to carefully peel everything off and start again.  I then decided to punch hearts for a tone-on-tone look and it filled the space nicely.  Ugh, all that for my new favorite layout.  I just love the letter.  There is a journal block tucked behind the photo where I translated what he wrote and gave some details.


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  1. I also have at least a year's worth of SC kits and they are all still in their brown bags. I open each one, then put it back in the bag! I love your layouts. Beautiful work!