October 17, 2011

Still loving Orange!

As busy as I have been with soccer two times a week, flag football, and swimming, we just signed up for Cub Scouts.  What was I thinking???  I have hardly anytime for myself and my really good book that I am reading right now:o(  I did get to go shopping with my friend recently and those of you who love old stuff can appreciate that I got a size 20 crock for just $50.00!!!  It currently houses all my dirty clothes:o)  Dirty clothes have never looked so beautiful!   I do need to photograph it for you, without the clothes!  Last night while catching up on Grey's Anatomy, I worked on this banner for my mantel with the scraps from the banner class that I just taught.  Ladies who took the class...... check this out!  Seriously, only the scraps of paper and twine!

Man how I wish the TV wasn't there!  I would be kicked out of the house if I took it down.  I cut the scraps into different widths, laid them out it the pattern that I liked.  Folded them in half, cut notches out of the bottoms, inked the edges and them folded them over the twine and glued them together.  I just love this paper line by My Mind's Eye.  I still have more left.  How many banners do you think is too much in one house???  

Here is a couple more pics of my fall decor.

This is my new addition for this year.  I love him and the purple scarf.

I have spiders everywhere.  This guy has come out for the last 6-7 years.  I love him.

This would be the back of my toilet.  There is not a thing that can't be beautified in the fall:o)

Happy Hauntings!

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  1. Beautiful as always. It shows that you had to have received my decorating gene because I didn't get it. You have double. You will have to come to my house and decorate for all holidays. I love you and miss you, Marcia